Which concepts are initial for winning in betting?

Every time, when a novice wants to place a winning gamle on a particular sport, he faces the difficulty of not understanding the core of the process, the definitions and main strategies of gambling. So it is very important to find out the original meaning of all aspects.

What are ordinaries and the principle of express bids?

Two types of sports betting are now popular in all bookmakers: ordinary and express.

Ordinaries are the simplest type of gambling, they are also called single bets. It doesn’t matter what you risk on, if the bid is made on only one event, it is an ordinary. The payout for such a bid is calculated extremely easily by multiplying the bet size and the coefficient.

Express bids. Many beginners are wondering – how to make an express bet? An express bet is a bid consisting of several ordinaries, namely, to place it, you need to immediately select several sport events from the bookmaker’s list. To determine the winnings for such a wage, it is necessary to multiply the coefficients of all events included in the express, and then multiply the resulting total coefficient by the bid size.

To win on the express, it is required that all the events included in it win. If at least one event is lost, it is considered a loser.

What are totals and handicaps in sport?

Totals is a very common type of sports gambling among players. Here you need to give a winning forecast for the total number of goals in the match. TM is a total less, and TB is a total more. The bet TB 1.5 assumes that both teams will score at least two goals in the match. If there are two or more goals in the match, then the wage is played, otherwise it is a loss. There are also totals with an integer number of goals – if only two goals are scored, then the bid is refunded. 

The sport handicap provides for a virtual addition of goals scored by one of the teams. Let’s take as an example a head start in gambling on football. Let’s say that the pre-match analysis showed that the guest team should not lose, then we put a head start on the success of the guests. In this case, we add one goal to the final result of the match for the guests. For example, if the game ended 1:1, then with handicap, the guests won 1:2, which means that the wage was played. If the guests lost, it means a refund of the sport bet or loss of it. It is easy to guess that with non-integer fora, a refund and winning are impossible.