Which sports to choose for profitable betting?

In case you decide to gamble on sports events, then you definitely have to choose a particular sport in which you will specialize. Ask any professional bettor, and he will tell you that you could get a stable win on one, maximum two sports. It is unrealistic to be an expert in football, basketball, hockey and badminton. What is more, it is better to choose a specific championship, and not bet on everything in a row.

You can get stable profits from sports betting only with good knowledge in the selected disciplines. It will be correct to bet on those sports for betting in which the bettor is well versed. 

Are single sports really the best for gambling?

A lot of novices guess that the greatest sport for betting is single. In individual disciplines such as tennis, gymnastics, athletics, fencing, the condition of the athlete on a particular day is of great importance. Personal affairs and the level of motivation affect its results. All these aspects are also important in team disciplines. However, the readiness of the entire team for competitions remains approximately at the same level for a week or a month.

In individual sports, an athlete can show a phenomenal result today, and in three days – below average. Therefore, it is extremely important to have information about the athlete’s condition on the day of the competition in order to make a correct forecast. When choosing which individual sport is better to bet on, you should give preference to those in which the level of knowledge of the bettor is high. At the same time, it is important to have a high level of knowledge about the sports in question. Among the most popular disciplines, the following are distinguished:

  • Tennis;
  • Box;
  • Rowing;
  • Table tennis;
  • Fencing;
  • Fighting;
  • Chess
  • Gymnastic;
  • Shooting. 

What is better to bet on? Betting on tennis is good in the sense that competitions on it are held all year round. There are always a lot of proposals for this discipline in the lines. Betting on boxing, gymnastics and athletics bookmakers often put up wide lines. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find good offers.

When analyzing the bet, first of all, personal meetings of rivals and the performance of athletes in the last month are taken into account.

Team sports – rival or ally of single games?

Bets on team sports differ from the previous ones in that when analyzing the chances of opponents, the last 5 games are more taken into account here, broken down into home and away games. Among the most popular disciplines that are most often bet on, we will highlight the following:

  • Football;
  • Hockey;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Handball.

The state of the team is determined by the indicators of key performers in previous meetings. The success of teams largely depends on their motivation and on the general physical condition of the leaders.

Which team sports are considered the best for betting? 


This is #1 among bettors all over the world. The gamblers’ love for football is understandable:

  • matches are held every day throughout the year;
  • BC has the most generous murals for football meetings;
  • the odds and winning limits are high;
  • there is a lot of information on the Internet for pre-match analytics.

With all the advantages, there is a big minus-bookmaker analysts very accurately set the odds for many meetings. This almost 100% shows the real balance of forces, so it is inconvenient to put it.

betting ipl India


Games are more common in the United States, but we also have more and more fans of this sport. The advantages are as follows:

  • bookmakers are trying to follow the matches using the video broadcasts option. This is important, since most players bet in live mode;
  • the painting is gradually improving, static and long-term rates are added;
  • there are detailed statistics for popular tournaments that will help you analyze the situation.

There are many disadvantages. The first is the difficulty in finding information on not very well-known events. Another disadvantage is seasonality. The summer is very poor for basketball tournaments.


Hockey betting is popular in the United States and European countries. They also have a lot of strengths:

  • the effectiveness of the matches is high, which to a certain extent equalizes the chances of the players and the BC;
  • with proper study of statistics, you will be able to make a lot of winning bets;
  • bookmaker analysts often make mistakes in little-known tournaments;
  • hockey allows you to make promising bets with a high coefficient.

There is only one drawback — a very small number of summer matches. But such a minus is completely offset by the pluses.

What do combined sports mean?

Of the combined disciplines, biathlon betting is the most popular among bettors. Here, athletes combine a skier and a shooter. It is correct to bet on biathlon, taking into account the specifics of individual types of the program. For example, at the classic distance, preference is given to the athletes with good shooting, and in the sprint and pursuit race, the emphasis is on the participants with good psychological stability who showed high results before this.

The combined disciplines include the winter biathlon, pentathlon and decathlon in athletics. It is quite profitable to bet on these sports because of the low margin of offices for them.

Useful tips for novice bettors

You should not rely only on luck and intuition. Approach the games in bookmakers seriously and adopt such tips:

  • Choose popular events.
  • Bet on events that have enough information about them. 
  • Choose the sport that you have an idea about.

Remember these simple recommendations when you put them on for the first time. They will also come in handy in subsequent games.